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Instant Hot Water Systems

Boiling water on demand for hospitals, schools, offices, factories, government & more

Easy to Use

Simple to install, operate and maintain.


Hygienic system design with anti-microbial properties.

Save Electricity

Uses less electricity than conventional kettles, hot water urns and geysers.


Built-in automatic electronic safety monitoring system.

Leading AEMS Technology

Digital control units monitor and control the water heating system operation in real time for accurate temperature control.


Hot water on demand at the point of use.

Quality Hot Water Systems & Innovative Workmanship

E-Boil System's product range encompasses local and imported products, here are a few of our best-sellers:

boiling water dispenser

This new generation automated boiling water solution uses unique patented technologies to achieve optimum energy use.

BlueWave™ Boiling Water Dispenser

boiling water dispenser

The BlueWave™ unit makes use of AEMS technology (sleep mode)

Automatic temperature range calibration between 50ºC - 99ºC

boiling water dispenser

Automatic audio & visual fault finder reduces down time

boiling water dispenser

Built-in electricity surge and spike protection

boiling water dispenser

Single copper tank with anti-microbial properties

boiling water dispenser

Approved to IEC Standards

boiling water dispenser

12 month warranty

boiling water dispenser

Optional extras: seven day timer, colour coding, custom branding

boiling water dispenser
boiling water dispenser

Instantaneous Gas Geyser

Gas water geysers for bush lodges, caravan parks, granny flats and holiday homes. Get instant hot water anywhere you need it.

Operates with water pressure from 0.0001 - 0.85 Mpa

Capacities: 12 and 16 litres per minute

Easy Start Hydroflo Sensor - zero pressure start feature 

Anti dry burning protection & flame failure safety device


Water drainage for anti-freezing

Produced by a class ISO 900 rated manufacturer

Tested and accredited by the LPGSASA association

More efficient gas usage than competitor units

E-Pure Water Filtration System

The E-pure water filtration purifies and sterilises all household water, providing great tasting and clean water straight from the tap.

Delivers optimum alkaline, mineralized, great tasting and healthy water

PP1 micron filter, GAC carbon filter, PP1 micron filter and bio ceramic mineral filter

Patented safe care technology 

Easy to use 

Anti-bacteria, block off 99.0% bacteria

Features an innovative design 

SGS tested and approved

Removes heavy metal

instant hot water
instant hot water

Electric Hot Water Heater

Instant Hot Water Heater For Your Shower, Basin Or Kitchen.


Produces 6 litres of hot water per minute

Immediate hot water, no waiting period


Affordably priced


Only the highest quality parts & components are used


Safety protection against overheating & electric leakages 


Adjustable temperature with mechanical-type turning dial


Powerful 7Kw element


Fits neatly against the kitchen, canteen or bathroom wall

instant hot water

Hot Water On Tap

Undercounter automated boiling water dispenser

Includes a easily removable integrated inline activated carbon filter


Competitively priced


Functional faucet can also be connected to the standard water supply


A chilled water module is also optionally available


Adjustable temperature with mechanical-type turning dial


The 5 litre tank dispenses up to 30 x 200ml mugs off initial draw

For more than 20 years, E-boil systems have been manufacturing, importing and distributing high-quality water dispensing units.

About E-boil Systems

instant hot water unit

We are committed to providing unbeatable workmanship and service at competitive prices.


What Our Clients Say

Abdul Khan

“Thank you E-boil Systems for the excellent service rendered for the BlueWave units fitted at the Cape Town Civic Centre. We will be recommending your services!”

Admin Officer, City Of Cape Town

“The E-gas heater is easy to use and extremely safe. I’m so happy I changed my geyser to gas. Thank you!”

Linda Mbalu 

Home Owner

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